Going Electric

Going Electric

A Buyer's Guide for Electric Vehicle Tires: Everything You Need to Know

Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the automotive industry with their eco-friendly technology and advanced performance features. However, they also have unique tire requirements that differ from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. At R&T Sales Limited, we're here to guide you through the specifics of choosing the right tires for your electric vehicle to ensure optimal safety, environmental benefits, and performance.

Why Do Electric Vehicles Need EV-Rated Tires?

Weight and Load Capacity

  • Higher Vehicle Weight
EVs are 10-20% heavier than their gasoline counterparts due to the weight of the batteries. This requires tires with higher load capacities to handle the increased weight and ensure stability. A standard tire wears quicker with the heavy weight than the EV tire lines now coming out. 
  • Enhanced Traction
The added weight also demands tires that provide superior traction, especially in wet conditions. EV specific tires have a unique tread pattern with a stiff centre core for optimal traction and enhanced braking. The interlocking tread pattern decreases your chance of hydroplaning and compensate for the increased torque. 
  • Immediate Power Delivery
EVs deliver instant torque, which can put additional stress on tires. EV tires are made with stronger materials to maintain even wear.  It's essential to choose tires that can handle this immediate power delivery without compromising on performance or wear.

    Enhanced Durability

    With the heavy load and increased torque, normal tires wear quickly! EV tires have a thicker sidewall and stiff centre core made from highly durable materials- some are natural resources too. Many EV-rated tires are made with a high-loading resin for durability along with natural silica (not silica gel that is harmful to the environment). Enhanced durability means EV-rated tires are replaced less frequently than normal tires- your wallet thanks you!

    Noise Reduction

    Electric vehicles are known for their quiet operation. Tires designed for EVs often feature noise-reducing technologies such as specialized tread patterns and sound absorbing foam to maintain a serene cabin environment. However, they do not reduce the noise made by your passengers- cue the toddler tantrum.

    Low Rolling Resistance

    Tires with low rolling resistance help to maximize the range of your electric car by reducing the energy required to maintain motion. This leads to better battery efficiency and longer travel distances on a single charge. 

    Recommended Tires for Electric Vehicles

    Here are our top recommendations for EVs:

    1. Sailun Erange EV
    2. Michelin Primacy or Pilot Sport EV
    3. Bridgestone Turanza EV
    4. Yokohama ADVAN Sport EV A/S
    All of these tires have been designed for durability, performance, and noise reduction to enhance your electric vehicle experience.


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